Why is INTACT completely unlike any other hair loss formula

INTACT is the world's first root securing complex. It is designed to reinforce the hair matrix and lock your hair in place when it's most vulnerable. It is a dermatologist-approved treatment for falling hair that is safe for all hair types.

How is INTACT different

INTACT multiplies the force required to pull the hair from your head when it is being subjected to mechanical insults such as washing, blow-drying, flat ironing, curling, and brushing.

This groundbreaking formula works specifically at the time you are manipulating your hair. It works by gripping and locking the hair in place for hours. No other product does this.

Is INTACT Right For Me

Current female hair fall products claim to address hair loss in a number of different ways. Some reduce breakage. Some promise a thickening or swelling of the hair shaft. Some tout the benefits of creating a "healthy" environment on the scalp for hair to thrive. In addition, various prescription formulas grow hair, but only if one happens to respond to the drug and it can take months to see results.

If your female hair fall treatment and supplements are working for you, keep using them. INTACT works in a completely different way. Use INTACT to help to reduce hair fall when you are subjecting your hair to any kind of pulling force like blow-drying, brushing, washing and styling.



If the general care & styling of your hair begins to take a noticeable toll, causing it to break & fall out.

You wear your hair in braids, ponytails and are seeing signs of traction alopecia in the areas that are being subjected to hair pull.

You've had a baby and you are noticing an excessive amount of hair fall from hormonal changes.

You've experienced a stressful event and/or lead a stressful life and hair loss is the manifestation of all this stress.

You suffer from hair loss due to genetics, crash dieting, hormonal imbalances and/or auto-immune diseases.

You have naturally fine, thin hair and want to hold on to every precious strand to help it look thicker and fuller.


The key to fighting everyday hair shedding is our patent-pending PiliLock Complex™: Developed by a team of leading dermatologists, it helps defend hair's integrity by temporarily reinforcing the hair's matrix to help reduce hair shedding during routine at-home styling and in-salon hair care services.