Daniel Alain Life Sciences is committed to developing treatments and cosmetic solutions for women at every stage of their hair loss journey. By addressing the full-spectrum of hair shedding and hair loss challenges, our group of researchers are working to create viable solutions that will alter our view of hair loss forever. From discovering genetic predispositions for pattern hair loss, to reducing hair pull during styling, to providing full cranial prosthetic devices that are more than just wigs, but living breathing works of art, our goal is to provide a solution that matches up to the unique needs of women at every stage of her life. No matter what a woman's hair loss concern, and no matter what obstacles she faces, we pledge to find a way to make her feel confident, beautiful and empowered.


For two generations, our CEO Daniel Alain has provided cutting-edge solutions for women addressing their unique hair loss needs. While we pride ourselves as being an exclusive luxury brand, compassion and empathy for the personal struggles that women go through reflect in everything we do. From our international R & D team, to the team at our vertically integrated manufacturing facility, our focus is resolute; to help improve the lives of women.

Furthermore, safety is our top priority, and every one of our hair solutions undergo thorough testing to insure it is both safe and effective. Our materials are ethically sourced and reflect our sensitivity to people, the environment, and the world we all share with one another.

We promise to continue bringing life-changing products that instill you the courage to Take Back You™.