INTACT Root Securing Complex offers a hair fall remedy unlike any other as it helps reduce hair loss caused by the tension and pulling during washing, brushing, blow-drying and styling. INTACT works by increasing the force it takes to pull out a strand of hair to help resist hair fall and combat thinning hair. INTACT activates in just 10 minutes and lasts for hours.

We’ve compiled a list of our most asked questions to help you better understand what INTACT is all about and get the inside scoop on how to best incorporate INTACT into your hair loss therapy. As many people who use INTACT have hair loss and hair thinning concerns, we also included FAQs about hair shedding, hair fall and other hair loss conditions.

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Now it’s time to learn why INTACT Root Securing Complex is the best therapy for hair loss…happy reading!

How do I apply INTACT?
How much INTACT should I use?
How long can I leave INTACT on?
No product is coming out of the bottle. How do I open the cap?
Do I have to wash INTACT out of my hair?
Does INTACT detangle hair?
Is INTACT a styling product?
What happens if I don’t wait 10 minutes before washing INTACT out of my hair?
Can I use INTACT every day?
Does INTACT work on all hair types?
I have bleached hair and need a root touch up – will INTACT interfere with my processing?
I am getting a keratin straightening treatment, can I use INTACT?
Will INTACT interfere with my color?
I have sensitive skin – can I use INTACT?
I have postpartum alopecia – can I use INTACT?
I have alopecia, can I use INTACT?
Can I use INTACT with extensions?
Will INTACT make by tape-in extensions slip off?
Can men use INTACT?
Will INTACT stop my hair loss?
Does INTACT grow hair?