When you have thin hair like me, washing it becomes stressful.  I worry a lot about all the hair I find in my hands and the shower floor.   When I heard about INTACT, I had to try it.  It’s unbelievable!  Now I can wash my hair more often without so much worry, plus my husband loves how little hair gets left in the drain! ~ Marilyn S.

Wow!  This product really works. I have a mature client with excessive shedding and very thin hair who comes in every week to get her hair set.  Just by putting her cape on, hair falls out.  When I tried INTACT on her – I was floored.  No hair fell out.  There’s no doubt I will use this every week. ~ Tina W.

From the first time I used it, I noticed a difference in the amount of hair that fell out during my shampooing and blow drying of my hair.  I continued to use it until the bottle was empty and I believe that it got better each time I used it.  I believe that the treatment was good for my hair and that it really helped me from losing so much hair during shampooing.  I would recommend it to others. ~ Vicki L.


When every strand counts, it's time to reach for INTACT, the best hair loss treatment for women to protect thinning hair.